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It can be firmly admitted that by showing the first iPhone in 2007, the late Steve Jobs changed the smartphone market. He introduced the first telephone, completely without a keyboard and capable of being operated by touch. From then on, nothing was the same anymore. Until now, these devices were, to put it mildly … crude. It was in vain to expect from them responsiveness or multimedia, understood through the prism of the present times. The first iPhone did not sin with design and was far from today's performance, but compared to its competitors at the time, it could make a good impression. Positive, of course.

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iPhone 2G from 2007. The first generation of the precursor
Very average specification, no front camera and 2G data transmission - today would be considered a bad joke. In 2007, however, they were a real revolution. Here is the iPhone 2G, which Apple showed the world a smartphone that sets trends for all subsequent generations.

The first model from Apple brought a spatial (at that time) 3.5 ‚ÄĚtouch screen, on which, compared to its predecessors, you could already see something. It did not have a front webcam, and the main camera was represented by a modest 2 Mpix. The smartphone got its own interface with the "multi-touch" innovation, which allowed you to control the phone's functions by dragging your finger across the display. There was also a place for a proximity sensor, light sensor and an accelerometer, which guaranteed smooth auto-rotation. The smartphone connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi and the EDGE data transmission module, i.e. 2G.

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